This site houses a short-form independent arts writing, reflection, and publishing experiment managed by myself, Ellen Mueller.

I’ve been documenting art experiences on my Instagram account for the past several years, and I’m interested in building on that photo-centric model. I’m curious about alternative and even absurdist modes of arts writing, publishing, and reflection. I wonder about collaborative¬† responses to artistic experiences, and perhaps some reflections that do not center the written word.

While the majority of my reflections are based out of the Twin Cities, the subjects of this experiment will not be limited only to that geography. This project also embraces slow-looking and slow-reflection, meaning that while I’ll strive to post reflections before a show or experience closes, sometimes those pieces will be posted after the event.

I plan for this project to last a few months, and I will disclose if I have a preexisting relationship with any of the artists. Interested in participating? Have an idea for a bit of reflection? Reach out:

About the banner icons: These are variations on the lighthouse icon used in map-making. Thinking of the idea of sprawl and connection, the lighthouse felt like an appropriate visual element to tie the irregular mass together.