a white plaster bulge between concrete and wire boxes

Zack Leonard, “Spewing Neglect”, concrete, metal, packing peanuts, and plaster in balloon, 12”x 6”x 8 3/4” inches, 2023

This past weekend I discovered a walk-able trio of St. Paul art hot spots that you should check out, and made a zine you can print off to follow my path.

Lowertown Underground Artists
308 Prince St., B100 Saint Paul, MN 55101
Hours: Sat-Sun, 10am-2pm

The Minnesota Museum of American Art (The M)
350 Robert Street North, St. Paul, MN 55101
Hours: Visible from the street, all hours

Night Club Gallery
340 WABASHA ST. N. ST. PAUL, MN 55102
Hours: Fri-Sun, 1-5pm

painted face

Julia Garcia, “Bloom” 2023, acrylic and ink on canvas, 38″x38″

This was my first time at Night Club Gallery at their new St. Paul location for Julia Garcia’s new exhibition, SAWGRASS, and I was delighted to find it’s within easy walking distance of Lowertown Underground Artists, where I took in Zach Leonard’s show, Awkward Oddities. The fun bonus was as I walked from LUA to Night Club, I passed Im/Perfect Slumbers in the windows of The M and Jose Dominguez’s work in skyway!

I would recommend this trek to anyone, and if you do it this coming weekend, you can still catch all 3 (Zach Leonard’s show is open this coming Saturday, March 25 for 10am-2pm or 6-8pm for a closing reception).

vinyl window imagery of people and household objects

Katya Oicherman and Peng Wu, “Imperfect Slumbers” at The M windows

imagery in glass skyway

Jose Dominguez, “It’s Okay to Laugh” 2020, Vinyl