In this exchange of letters between myself, Ellen Mueller, and Anda Tanaka, we reflect on the exhibition, The Painting Show, curated by Emma Beatrez, Rachel Collier, Ryan Fontaine, and Kristin Van Loon. This show ran October 4 – 23, 2022 at Hair+Nails, 2222 1/2 E. 35th St. Minneapolis, MN 55407.

For all reflections on Art Sprawl, there is an accompanying  printed zine.

abstract felted painting with neons

Rachel Collier, “Life in whispers” (2022) wool on canvas, 62″x41″

written letter

two nude women on a bucking horse

Andrea Qual, “Buck” (2022) oil on canvas, 60″x40″

written letter

painting of two nude female figures under two suns

Lauren dela Roche, “Two Suns” (2022) fabric pen, oil paint pen, mineral spirit archival varnish spray with UVLS on canvas, 62″ x42″

written letter

abstracting painting with photos in a black frame

Joe Schaeffer, “Translation No. 11 (2022) ink, oil, acrylic, digital print on canvas, 60″x40”

written letter

person with bouquet on stool with cat

Matt Momchilov, “Man With Authentic Bouquet” (2022) oil on canvas, 60″x40″

written letter

a floating outhouse under a rainbow

Bruce Tapola, “Axis Mundi (Atom Smasher)” (2022) oil and acrylic on canvas, 60″x40″

written letter

a killer whale with seals and figures

Autumn Garrington, “Killer” (2022) oil on canvas, 60″x40″

written letter

If you would like to read the letters with screen-reading technology, please find them typed in this document for accessibility.

Disclosure: I know Anda Tanaka and Emma Beatrez as past students when I was directing the MFA program at MCAD. I’ve spent time talking to Ryan Fontaine and Kristin Van Loon as the gallery owners of Hair + Nails at several of their shows and events over the past few years.